We’re now a 3M Preferred Wrap Installer!

Our lifestyle is based on setting goals and conquering them. This past year our challenge was to prove that we can deliver the highest quality finished product. So we took the 3M test- and completed it with a 96%.

This certification proves that we are committed to providing our customers with a great finished product. Whether it’s a vehicle application, or an interior application. This certification tested our skills along among 11 different applications.

Our Promise: The work we do today, will be better than the work we did yesterday; and the work we do tomorrow will be better than today’s. Constant progression drives our team at MIWRAPS.


Paint Protection Film

The only way to protect the paint on your vehicle against rock chips and daily debris

“After years of driving in harsh conditions, paint protection film prevented my paint from getting destroyed from road salt and rock chips. MIWRAPS saved my paint”

The solution to maximizing your vehicle’s resale value.

“I never realized how quickly paint chips occur until I washed my brand new car and noticed chips only two weeks later. I can’t afford NOT to have MIWRAPS apply paint protection film.”

Vinyl Wraps and Vehicle Graphics

A Vehicle wrap is best described as a new skin for your car. It’s an adhesive backed film that gets heated and formed to your car and perfectly trimmed out along the edges. The result? A protective covering over your paint with colors and finishes that paint simply cannot match. All without changing the originality or value of the car.

A vehicle wrap lasts 5 to 7 years, and can easily be removed when you’re ready!

Want to make your sports car stand out? do a subtle change? add vehicle stripes? brand your fleet of work vans? advertise your brand? Options are ENDLESS.

Architectural Films

Wraps can also be used closely with interior design. Wood Grain Wraps, Marble Wraps, and Brushed Aluminum are just a few of the textured interior films that are available. These films are simply universal and not meant for a single purpose.

Interior window films and frosts are also a great way create your custom business setting.