Fleet Graphics

Craft Your Image. Scale Bigger For Your Business.

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Your business’ fleet is a marketing opportunity. If you’re not capitalizing the potential exposure and opportunities for impressions for your business that a fleet can create, you are missing out on new potential customers and clients.

Be Noticed! Fleet Graphics, Truck & Trailer graphics, and fleet vehicle wraps should be a main part of your marketing and advertising campaign. The MI Wraps Network can transform your entire fleet into a effective advertising tool, helping you promote and strengthen your corporate branding strengthen your corporate brand and generating additional business.

  • Vehicle Wraps & Fleet Graphics are the most cost effective form of advertising.
  • Daily Impressions per vehicle wrapped in your fleet is 30,000-50,000 per day!
  • The Flexible Graphic Capabilities provide unique and marketing options.
  • Maximize Exposure in your market for minimal investment.
  • Fleets we service:
  • •Box-Straight Truck Graphics
  • •Emergency Vehicles
  • •Car & Van Vehicle Graphics
  • •Trailer Graphics
  • •Police & Fire Graphics
  • •Corporate Vehicle Graphics
  • •Service Truck Graphics
  • •Municipal & Government Graphics
  • •Promotional Fleet Vehicles

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