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Get your vehicle looking the best on the road with a unique color change wrap in Grand Rapids MI!

Feeling tired of the color of your vehicle? Bring new life to your vehicle with a color change wrap! The opportunities are endless with a Color Change Wrap. You can choose from matte, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed, carbon fiber, iridescent color shifting & even chrome finishes. Hundreds of colors with the best technology from Avery Dennison & 3M vinyl wrap films. Our creative team can give your vehicles the true one off customization for a “One of a Kind” look. 

Over the past few decades the vehicle wrap industry is ever changing. Our MIWraps Network has an accumulated 30 years of experience in the graphics industry. We’ve had the opportunity to work along side many companies, products, and materials Installing Trust one project at a time. With so many different options not all films are created equal. We fully understand you are looking for the best product to protect your investment. The MI Wraps Network utilizes only the best materials and accredited installers based on quality, reliability, warranty and durability to withstand all types of weather for your next Vehicle Wrap or Color Change Wrap.

What is a Color Change Wrap?

Matte, Satin, Gloss Color Change Vehicle Wraps provide all the eye catching fresh looking quality of a professional paint job without the time and expense. A Color Change Wrap is applied by one of our Accredited, Certified Installers in the MI Wraps Network directly over the original paint of a vehicle. The application and design of vinyl wrap film allows you to change the vehicles appearance in short period of time and allows you to remove the wrap in turn returning a vehicle back to its original condition.

Our team of specialists are eagerly waiting for your call. If you’re in the market to transform your vehicle into something new then please contact us today at 616.886.6449

Paint Vs Color Change Vinyl Wrap

When Choosing to paint your vehicle or selecting a Color Change Wrap it can be a big decision. Below are a few factors when deciding between the two choices.

Value: Once your vehicle is painted, the value will decrease and depreciate over time. Color Change Wraps can be easily removed. Once a Color Change Wrap is removed your paint will look brand new. A vinyl wrap will protect your vehicle from UV Rays, Scratches, Paint Chips, Weather Related Damage and Contamination.

Cost: Painting a vehicle is more expensive than a Custom Color Change Wrap. It will chip or fade over the years. A Color Change Wrap is more affordable than paint and will protect your vehicle from chips and rust.

Time: Painting a vehicle can be a long process. Color Change Wraps eliminate that wait with a quicker process and can be completed in less time.

Color Selection and Finish: The possibilities are endless with Color Change Vehicle Wrap solutions. With a wide array of color combined with various selections for finishes from matte, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed, carbon fiber & even chrome finishes your vehicle will a custom project crafted to you.

How much does a Vinyl Wrap Cost?

Installation for Color Change Wrap is a more extensive wrap. Theres specialty wrap materials and finishes that be priced above the premium 3M or Avery Cast Wrap Films. Examples included would be specialty laminates, chrome or carbon fiber finishes, iridescent and many others. A simple price on a website cannot address all these variables.

*Most Color Change Wraps start $3500 depending on size and how extensive the wrap is.

*Pricing for a full Color Change Wrap does not include Mirrors, Door Jams, Interior Trim, Chrome Trim, Emblem, Grills, Vents, or Spoilers. For Select area price will be determined upon site review.

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